Awakening of evils

Well, the start of a this series of pendrawings goes way back to 2007. I was already interested in weird, dar,k biomechanical artworks, but didn't came with a consistent production of them. Just now and then, small drawings on A4 and only a two A2 pencil drawings, Dehumanized 1 and R.D.I.P.

Dehumanized 1 and R.D.I.P.

Dehumanized 1 and R.D.I.P.

  In a winter 07/08 I started to sketch in a way I didn't sketch before, found a new ways, new ideas. What I got fascinated about, was composition and a big load of weirdness. It wasn't about making dynamic, depth-filled pictures, but very static, portrait-like display of alien beings, half-human creatures with a plain white background. 

 Mistakes after mistakes. That's what I see in these drawings now after years. When comes to shading and anatomy, I didn't impress myself. But that's what I actually like about it. This imperfection even enhanced the weirdness of it, in my opinion. I should try to remake some of this artworks just to see how I changed the ways I draw over the years.

  Most of these artworks were made in 2008, a few in 2009 and the last one made in 2010.

Creating these drawings was an experience itself. Everybody who tried to do a pendrawing on anything bigger than A3, knows how much of a time, patience, dedication it takes. Building up a right mood, getting your brain on a good frequency to just draw for hours with only a small bits being done was the key. If you're not enjoying it, leave it.

After completion of good amount of sketches, I jumped into it, so I will give a little retrospection on what I did. 

The Bridge.jpg

The bridge: the size smaller than A2, this was the first one I started with. A reptilian kind of a creature with a body parts missing, only connected, bridged with mechanical parts, which are bit different from those on next artworks. Those got developed slowly, so they varied from artwork to artwork. Now I Think, I should remake this one, as I like the composition, but the face looks flatter than I wished to achieve. It needs more 3D feel.

  Symbiont of a behemoth: oversized A3

This one ended in a look of being just a fast drawing. I didn't deliver what I wanted from original sketch and definitely, I should sort out a good scan.

The Breeding Unit.jpg
The Beckoning2.jpg

 The Bond, Breeding unit, Guard and The beckoning are the ones which fully represent the whole idea I had, the feel I wanted to achieve, the best of my skills at that point... A twisted apparition of beings on The breeding unit... Alien forms starring at each other on The bond... Fragmented pieces of biological and mechanical structures connected together on The Guard... This half woman, half.. machine-mutant perhaps beckoning with a little smile on her face to make it strange even more..

The 8.jpg

 The 8 was drawn for some promo purposes but it wasn't used at the end. It can be seen, that it is bit different.

 The curse is just a right name for this two pieces. First one a big mess with anatomy and the second (remade in 2010) got pushed too far with the background. 

 The awakening had a good sketch idea, but I didn't get it right on the actual artwork. The combinatio  of a creature and the two women didn't worked the way. 

 Pylon is the one where I went crazy with patterns which I enjoyed doing, but at the end it all didn't delivered. It needed more thinking, some references as well.

 And the last one, Malice.

This one is a step away from all before. It still belongs to this series, but was sketched later, I think in first half of 2009, so the whole look is different, evolved. I see it as the best of the whole series, I use it always for promo materials. I managed to mix patterns I learned to do with a simple pose of a female. This flattened appearance of her body without any 3D depth is what I wanted. Only a face and a breast is being bit drawn forward with dark background. The use of patterns makes finally more sense and gives nice structure.

After finishing The curse 2 and the pylon I realized, this is not going anywhere anymore. No evolving, just repeating the same, so I stopped, closed the series, it was time to do something totally different. Now in 2014, I am getting back the moods to create biomechamical artworks and the first sign might be this untitled one.

So.. the Evil will be reawaken one day :)

Posted on June 18, 2014 .