Only insecure and immature people get offended

I'll start with my blunt opinion "There is no such thing as a political correctness". Even when the term political correctness is used and viewed as pejorative more and more nowadays, it's underlying ideas are crooked and simply have to be smashed. Since when the politics and correctness have anything in common in real life? These two words are practically their own antonyms. All we seem to do is battle the politics as the whole reality of it is nothing else but deception, manipulation and lies. It's almost like an entity attracting an army of spineless opportunists who we then call politicians. Political theories we can read and study are filled with true meaning of what it means to run and manage state and society, but they seem to be detached, not applied in real life. That's why I see the term political correctness having about the same meaning as delicious excrement, or fecal goodness. Unless you are into that kind of crap... Pun intended. That's why P.C. movements and it's  applications have to be opposed, questioned and dismantled from it's unstable, irrational, illogical, self-contradicting foundations. I would simply rename it from P.C. to P.A., meaning Political Agenda. Because it is not about fighting for human rights anymore, but silencing different opinions and closing the debate. Suppression of free speech cloaked in noble ideals. 

  Offended, triggered, microaggressions and safe-spaces. The further it goes, the more ridiculous and surreal it appears. 

   I'ts difficult for me to imagine, how would I react some 15 years ago, if somebody said to me that in a future, in a few years' time these will be the issues we will be dealing with. Trying to protect people from being offended, doing a witch hunts on those who dare to question things, or those who even accidentally say something incorrect and then do smear campaigns based on out of context quotations and assumptions, making them guilty by association.  

     A mature, confident person simply doesn't get offended, doesn't feel triggered or even disrespected. Mature person sees any criticism as either objective, worthy of thinking about or sees it as stupid, shallow, making it not worthy one's stress and energy. If you get hurt by anybody questioning your opinions, I ask did you ever went through a bad break up? Have you had your soul smashed by your ex? I am not seeing any TV news, articles and outrage about some bad breakups where one person's heart got broken chewed up by partner. And from my perspective and experience that shit is real, haha. That stuff breaks you apart, it can take a good amount of time to regroup from that. But some crybabies feel triggered when they get misgendered and media actually pay attention (because it pays them I assume). Millions of people go through mental or physical domestic abuse for years either as partners or children, but media and society focus is on insecure, self victimizing people who feel disrespected when they're religious and political views are challenged. Only insecure people are loud about being disrespected. Respect is not your right. That has to be earned by your achievements, being a living example for others, creating something worthy, fighting the right causes. And such person will never demand it, because he/she is already self confident. You can criticize Elon Musk, Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg as much as you want and you will never see them shouting that you disrespected them. They would probably ignore you, or respond calmly. Or might try to help your sorry life. 

 Another pure disease is overprotection of religions, making them near untouchable. They do not deserve any special treatment than any other ideology or political movement. I judge religions on how their members behave and interact outwards. As more sceptical guy, not believing in any form of god as he or she is portrayed by any religions, lack of any real evidence I can only judge it as ideology. I wonder when will somebody jump into all religions and raise question of what gender should be god viewed as. Unless they already started it, because there's a vast choice of genders nowadays, too. I am just saying it to prick the hornet's nest even more. Religion should be a personal and communal experience and dedication. Whenever it is pushed out of these circles, forced unto others demanding protections and privileges, it's an ideology and political movement.

  I can't come up with anything anybody could say to me that would offend or trigger me. I get angry about human stupidity, lies, corruption, unreliable people and mostly myself. The person who seriously pisses me off is me. I see the stupid, self sabotaging behaviors like wasting my time on phone, watching netflix, procrastinating, avoiding exercise, not being the best I can be as husband, father, artist etc. Knowing these flaws, facing them is exactly what forces me to resolve them. Avoiding it, sugarcoating, apologizing, ignoring the reality will never solve anything in my life. I try to judge myself objectively, but I can't beat myself up emotionally, also. It has to be a rational process. Feeling sorry for myself would only cause internal misery, depression and resentment towards myself. Rational deconstruction of what I'm doing with my life. And when logic doesn't work, emotional inner pressure does the job with questioning like "will this bring me the life I want, do I deserve to sit on my ass and do nothing today? Will I be happy with this waste of a week in ten years time?". And there is a long journey for me ahead, I am still a huge time waster. 

   Now, we have a generation of young adults who can't face reality, who can't bare adversity, criticism and different opinions. I feel like these people were either sheltered from any conflict and living in a dream world, pampered by their parents and society, let run wild and not raised properly, became stubborn and egoistic without any attempt to listen to other opinions and blindly demanding their own while playing the victims. That is exactly what kid's tantrum is. Kids cry when they can't get the cookie, they scream and demand what they want and if parents comply, that behavior will only become normal for them. Just to mention, the other "camp" is people raised by indoctrination. Raised by a way of pretty much brainwashing into certain ideology or religion. From early age being forced into believing and not questioning. No need to write about ideological and religious indoctrination, loads of books, articles and talks are available from highly acclaimed writers. 

  In our modern culture, there's a term, a label we use for people who are soft and fearful, behaving cowardly, easily fatigued and whining too much, those who hurt emotionally too quickly. We all know this term. Pussies. So I say, only pussies get offended. Does it offend you? Does this statement therefore label you as pussy? Feeling triggered? Good! That's exactly what you need. You need to face intellectual and emotional adversity and conflicts to grow up as a human being. You need this so you are able to to withstand real problems in life. Death of relatives, injustice, tragedies, malice, career struggles, raising up a child, constant waves of duties and errands which an adult life brings.  There are no shortcuts in life for growing up, you have to deal with obstacles, not demand others to get them away for you!

Posted on February 25, 2018 .