Pure creating

Even a two year old kid can destroy. You don't need too much of a brain and consciousness for that.  Only a physical capabilities. When comes to doing a psychological and emotional damage, all you need is to be is incapable of compassion and be basically humanly unconscious. 

 To create takes dedication, awareness and bit of "humbleness" can only help.

   If the drive to create is pure (whether it's visual art, crafts, music, architecture, creating new social structures, ideas moving society forward or building a house, even renovation of your bathroom),  it will bring true amazement and happiness. If it's pushed from the outside circumstances, forced by necessities, it will give you only a shallow relief of it being finally done.

  Recently chatting to my friend about crafts and arts, he stated "art is expression of ideas". I'd say this is one of the purest thought about what art is. Idea is not art. It's just an idea. It needs to be formed to be perceivable by others. With this thinking we can call art pretty much any form of creating which is conducted with some idea behind it.

   Many times in my life I came to a point of frustration and just thought of giving up on painting, drawing. It never took me long to realize how big of a crap is that. Like what!?..  do I want to stop getting ideas? I would need to get a smack with a brick in my head for that to happen. To turn into a vegetable. Or do I want to leave the ideas just in my head, ignore them, wait till they disappear? What a pile a sh*t of a life that would be?   Ideas are there because they want to be expressed. They appear through one to be shared with others. Just like funny and stupid memes online. They're there to amuse us. We'd be a herd of dumb dull animals without ridiculous funny stuff, mind and soul amusing creations and innovative ideas turned real. And even that's not true as animals like having fun and need to learn and see new things, skills to survive and adapt to environment they're in. 

 So a simple conclusion, we need to create. Each one of us according to they're drive, skills and passion. Ignoring or denying one's creative purpose, keeping ideas imprisoned, caged inside the mind can lead only to frustration, depression and stagnation. Whether you're scientist working on a big innovation or a care-taker improving life quality of others, it doesn't matter. You have to do it. 

Posted on July 9, 2014 .