Bringing artist's mind and way of thinking closer to a viewer can often give much deeper understanding of the artworks itself. Understanding may not be the right word. Experiencing makes more sense when it comes to perceiving any art. We don't need to understand, only to feel to the fullest. 

  As a man who appreciates many various art forms, I realized one thing. Spending a bit extra time on what's behind the actual artwork gives me much bigger understanding of the creation itself. Watching special features  and "the making of" of a movie gives me more outlook, better sight to see and feel what the movie is about. Reading the interviews with musicians, seeing the cover and booklet artwork and comments published on the actual physical copy of an album takes me much deeper into music on a emotional level, not just the compositional. And as the music is a major inspiration for me, better experiencing of it is very beneficial for my creating. 

  That's why I'd like to share something of my creative process, ideas and inspirations behind particulate artworks or series of artworks through commentaries or blogs. A new challenge for me to open up the space where ideas are born, how they grow and are being developed.